Delicious Chicken Karahi Recipe A Flavorful Culinary Adventure

  • One of the easiest and most well-liked dishes ever made with chicken is chicken karahi. The chicken is cooked in a lovely tomato curry with only a few spices. a restaurant and dhaba favorite attraction. And for you home cooks, I’ve tried and perfected this recipe so you can get the same flavor!


  • Karahi or Kadai signifies “wok” in Urdu/Hindi. The dish got its name from the wok it’s cooked in. The chicken is traditionally cooked in enough oil and tomatoes to prevent sticking to the cast-iron bottom of these South Asian woks. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly Northwest Frontier) province of Pakistan is where the chicken karahi originated.
  • The original chicken karahi is essentially a “dry curry” made with only a few spices and tomatoes that are soft and tender. As a result, it does not retain as much liquid gravy as the traditional Chicken ka salan. An authentic chicken karahi has a red tomato-based base and ginger, cilantro, and green chilies on top. Like all great creations, the classic chicken karahi has also inspired a slew of fusion-style recipes and variations. Popular examples include White Karahi and Balochi Karahi! Please remind me to send you those recipes as well!
  • Typically the Karahi made in eateries is made in a Wok and afterward covered by a conelike top like a Tagine. It’s a fast recipe and a functioning one at that. Where the culinary specialist continually continues to mix the chicken in oils and tomatoes on an open fire. I have slightly modified the recipe to make it easier to prepare at home.


Delicious Chicken Karahi Recipe A Flavorful Culinary Adventure


  • There are a lot of karahi recipes on the internet, and it’s possible that some of them call for yogurt and/or onions. Furthermore, I tell you, as a karahi perfectionist, It IS a wrongdoing! To add onions, yogurt, or any other third ingredient to the base of this curry is, I repeat, a crime! The varieties of karahi have a wide range of fixings and that is fine! Be that as it may, assuming that you are making the First karahi, it needs the tomatoes to take the middle stage! The tomatoes will impart a slight tang; the addition of the onions, which are naturally sweet, counterbalances the tomatoes and creates a typical South Asian curry.

     Instructions to GET THAT RICH Earthy colored Variety TO MY KARAHI

  • Instructions to GAs with any karahi recipe, the way to accomplishing that sought after profound earthy colored tone is to “bhoon” the masala all around well. Bhoona alludes to cooking the masala on high fire while blending vivaciously; this procedure is basic on the grounds that a karahi is cooked on a high fire at eateries in a wok-like vessel. At home, on the grounds that the fire goes high just so much, it is preposterous to expect to cook the karahi as quick the eateries chrun them out. I “bhoon” the masala at two stages; first while setting up the tomato curry and afterward at long last towards the end once the meat is delicate. The “bhoon” procedure additionally depended on more than adequate oil. Companions, you can’t reproduce a café/thruway karahi on the off chance that you skirt on the oil; it’s expected to cook the masala well. You ought to know that the karahi is prepared when the oil isolates like what you find in the image beneath. That is a genuine curry gold!T THAT RICH Earthy colored Variety TO MY KARAHI



  • With the possible exception of one or two, you probably already have all the other ingredients on hand, as I previously stated.

      Chicken –

  • So for the conventional recipe, I would lean toward you go with bone-in chicken cut into little pieces with the skin eliminated. You ought to get around 16 to 18 bits of a typical 2 lb chicken

     Flavors –

  • This recipe utilizes fundamental flavors like newly ground dark pepper, salt, and cumin powder. The main 2 extravagant fixings you want are the Dried fenugreek leaves and Kashmiri red bean stew powder. The Kashmiri red stew powder is milder than customary red stew so you can utilize a bigger sum without making your sauce excessively fiery. It carries that wonderful red tone to your dish without pressing in a lot of intensity.

     Green Chilies –

  • The green chilies utilized for karahi are in a real sense called “karahi mirchen” in Urdu. These are basically lighter green in variety and very gentle tasting. They are additionally basically greater and like jalapenos.

     Garlic paste –

  • Most curry recipes call for garlic ginger glue yet for Karahi, we will decorate with julienne cut ginger cuts so the fundamental glue we use is basically garlic to forestall an overwhelming caution. (is that a word?)

     Tomatoes –

  • The superstar! My main proposal is to go for the reddest, most ready tomatoes that anyone could hope to find to you. Any sort would do! In any case, my insta companions in the west have suggested Roma tomatoes consistently

      Oil/Ghee –

  • I for one favor karahi in ghee or a blend of ghee and oil in view of that additional smell it provides for the recipe. However, any nonpartisan oil turns out totally great. Generally, the recipe utilizes a bigger amount of oil, however I have downsized it a piece for cooking at home.

    How to store chicken karahi?

  • Chicken karahi can be put away in a cooler in an impenetrable compartment for as long as 3 days. It can likewise be saved in the cooler for two or three weeks. Basically defrost it in the cooler and intensity it in the microwave once it is prepared to eat.

     What to present with café style chicken karahi?

  • Chicken karahi tastes best with naan, paratha, roti, or white rice. Chicken karahi is a dish with a smidgen of sauce, it will be wonderful to present with some naan or roti. Sprinkle some ginger, lime juice, and new cilantro for additional character.


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