Cheesy Veg Sandwich A Mouthwatering Recipe”

Veg cheezy Sandwich is a Bombay style scrumptious stuffed sandwich made with a filling of blend vegetables, finished off with cheddar and barbecued or toasted. You can likewise partake in these sandwiches without barbecuing or toasting them. The recipe is effectively versatile and adjustable to made with your favored veggies and cheddar.

A cheese sandwich is a sandwich made with cheese on bread. Typically semi-hard cheeses are used for the filling, such as Cheddar, Red Leicester, or Double Gloucester. A Guardian article called the cheese sandwich a “British lunchtime staple”.

Cheesy Veg Sandwich: A Mouthwatering Recipe"

About Veg Cheese Sandwich

I have been having these delightful sandwiches from the road side sandwich slows down or trucks in Mumbai, during my school and school years, as breakfast or early lunch or focal points. Much some other time while working, I would have these sandwiches for a fast early lunch or lunch.

These sandwiches generally have vegetables like tomato, cucumber, onion, bubbled potatoes and beets. Once in a while you might find capsicum as well.

I have added most veggies in these sandwiches, aside from bubbled beetroots. I have added onions, tomatoes, bubbled potatoes and capsicum. Assuming you love messy sandwiches, you can likewise check the exemplary Cheddar Sandwich that is made with next to no vegetables.

These sandwiches can be just be collected and eaten with no guarantees. Or on the other hand you could pick to toast or barbecue them. The toasting or barbecuing should be possible in a sandwich toaster oven or panini press or in a griddle or skillet on the burner.

I have toasted the sandwich. In any case, you can likewise barbecue them as certain people usually like that way. An electric toaster oven or a handheld burner toaster oven functions admirably to make these Veg Cheddar Sandwich.

Sandwiches rush to make. Furthermore, particularly really great for morning hours when you are running shy of time. You can likewise pack sandwiches for tiffin box or for a short cookout.

For making toast, sandwiches or Bread Pakora or so far as that is concerned, any Bread Tidbits, I generally really like to utilize hand crafted Entire Wheat Bread or Earthy colored Bread or multi-grain bread.

Anyway really talking the best taste accompanies White Bread. So there is dependably a compulsion to utilize white bread realizing great that it isn’t solid and made with regular baking flour.

In any case, I pick wellbeing over taste, doubtlessly stirring up a lot of shame for the other relatives. Thus this sandwich is likewise made with entire wheat bread.

Ingredients for Cheesy Veg Sandwich

  • onions 2 tbsp
  • capscium 2 tbsp
  • tomatoes 2 tbsp
  • bubbled potato 2 tbsp
  • green chillies 2
  • coriander leaves 1 tbsp
  • chaat masala ¼ tsp
  • dark pepper powder ¼ tsp
  • mayonnaise 1 ½ tbsp
  • bread 4 cuts
  • cheddar slices 2
  • butter 1 tsp
  • Salt as per your taste

This Messy Veg Sandwich recipe is a result of the desires I had when I needed to have something messy and filling and also solid too. So when my food cravings were outwitting me I opened my cooler to see what choices I had… I ran over a few customary vegetables that we for the most part all have in our refrigerator and cheddar cuts and I began longing for some barbecued cheddar sandwich and spread around in the kitchen to check whether I had some bread, luckily for me I was fortunate and afterward one thing prompted another and I made this sandwich which was a super hit… glad to say that yummy was in my stomach..



  • Set up the chutney first. Mix every one of the fixings referenced under the rundown ‘for chutney’ in a processor or little blender.
  • Add almost no water. The chutney must be of thick or somewhat thick consistency.
  • Keep the chutney to the side.

Steam or heat up the potatoes and beetroot. You can cook these veggies in a tension cooker or moment pot adding water on a case by case basis.
Once cooled, strip them and cut them daintily. Put away.
Wash and strip the onions and cucumber. Cut them daintily into round cuts.
Wash and eliminate the seeds from the capsicum. Cut it daintily. Additionally cut the tomatoes daintily.
Keep the cut veggies to the side. Grind the cheddar and put away.

Making Veg Cheese Sandwich

Cut the edges of the bread on the off chance that you like. Spread margarine equitably on every one of the cuts. Ensure the spread covers the whole of bread.
A liberal covering of margarine doesn’t permit the bread to become spongy, when you apply the chutney.

Spread the mint-coriander chutney on all the bread cuts.
Place the onion, tomato, potato and capsicum cuts. Sprinkle a spot of chaat masala or sandwich masala uniformly on them. Likewise sprinkle a spot of dark salt uniformly.
Presently top with ground cheddar.
Cover the sandwiches with the excess bread cuts and spot in a preheated toaster oven or barbecue.
Toast for 2 to 3 minutes or till the bread gets toasted well and is cripsy and brilliant. Toast the excess sandwiches similarly.
You could likewise essentially make the sandwiches and appreciate them without toasting or barbecuing.
Spread some margarine on top of the hot sandwiches and serve Veg Cheddar Sandwich hot with the excess chutney and ketchup.

Prepping for the Cheesy Veg Sandwich

  • Finley cleave the onions, capsicum, tomatoes and coriander leaves
  • Finley cuts the green chillies
  • Bubble and squash the potatoes

Technique for making the Cheezy Veg Sandwich

  • In a huge blending bowl add the onions, capsicum, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves, bubbled and crushed potato, salt, chaat masala and dark pepper powder and blend well.
    When blended add the mayonnaise and blend the stuffing great.
  • Take 2 cuts of bread and liberally apply the stuffing on both the cuts of bread equally.
    Put 1 cheddar cut on top of one of the stuffing and land the other bread with the stuffing on, on top of the cheddar cut.
    Presently apply spread on the top side of the bread
  • Land the buttered side bread on the dish and cook till it becomes brilliant brown in variety
    Then apply spread on the other cut of bread and cook this side too till it becomes brilliant in variety.
    When the two sides are barbecued then eliminate them on a plate and cut corner to corner and appreciate while it’s hot with some ketchup or some fiery green chutney.


  • To make hot sandwiches, increment the quantity of green chilies in the mint-coriander chutney.
  • Mix it up of melty cheddar. You can likewise finish off the veggies with cheddar cuts.
  • You can exclude adding the chutney in the event that you like, however the green chutney adds a great deal of flavor to these sandwiches.

A couple of varieties is add an eggless mayonnaise or greek yogurt to the sandwich.
The recipe can be increased to make for little gatherings.

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